Future of the MICE industry… My thoughts

As an industry based around international business, showcasing, global interaction and celebration, the 2008 recession cut right to the core of the MICE industries principles. With sudden budget cuts, staff redundancies and an… Continue reading

Where you wouldn’t want to find yourself on Hallow’s Eve

La Isla De Las Munecas Forget monsters hiding under your bed or possessed clowns with bloody curdling laughs, and start thinking of half dismembered children’s dolls hanging like sacrifices from tree branches on… Continue reading

Round the World in 80 Clips

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember and remember more than I have seen”  Benjamin Disreali One of my all  time favourite quotes. See the world. Go. Now.

Spotlight on Bogota

Once a byword for danger, where drug induced crime and kidnappings were rife, today Bogota has shunned its bad reputation and is confidently placing itself at the frontier of emerging destinations. A controversial… Continue reading

The World in Berlin

What is ITB? ITB officially stands for Internationale Tourismus Borse. Running annually in Berlin since 1966, ITB has grown from humble beginnings with a mere five country representatives to now laying claim to the… Continue reading

Christmas Shopping Continental Style

Working in Events Marketing, I spend a lot of my time perusing the net finding the latest London haunt, place to visit, meal to eat…However my latest ‘task’ has been to source the… Continue reading


The worst part about having worked a winter season always hits annually around this time year. It is the time when chat turns to powder and bluebird days, friends start packing suitcases for… Continue reading

Breakfasts at Brickwood

Brickwood. Moments from Clapham Common tube and jumping distance from the common, new bakery and coffee shop Brickwood is THE place to be on a weekend. And weekday. In fact I could quiet… Continue reading

Brixton: The World in South East London

Brixton epitomises what I love about London. In the space of less than a square half mile you can pretty much find, taste, smell and buy a complete cross section of what London… Continue reading

Antique Luncheons at Brunswick House

Amidst the bustling chaos of south London’s Vauxhall cross sits the fading grandeur of Brunswick House, a bric-a-brac come upmarket antiques hall come cosmopolitan cafe. The purpose of Brunswick house cafe is undefined… Continue reading

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