Sourdough South of the River

Pumpkin, Tallegio and Rocket Sourdough Pizza washed down with Ginger Fizz and straw. Ladies and Gents I introduce to you Breads Etcetera. Infamous throughout Clapham as a Sunday brunch haunt, a trip mid week seemed almost blasphemous. However, how can I be blamed when only 25 metres from my front door I spy a sign on their welcoming windows, that states quite boldly

£5 Sourdough Pizza.

Now I know what you are thinking… £5 Sourdough Pizza. In Clapham. This must be some kind of criminal mistake, some cruel cruel joke! Well I can assure you that it took me and the housemate approximately two and a half minutes to get booted up and head out the door. Mission = £5 Sourdough Pizza. And about 45 minutes later, mission had been accomplished. Washed down with Ginger Fizz served in a unadulterated jam jar with straw I had just consumed quite frankly one of those meals that leaves you full to the brim but unashamedly wanting to order every other item on the menu. And to be fair, the evening menu at Breads Etcetera is not particularly extensive; it’s namely, well solely sourdough pizza.


Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of the sourdough there are only three words. Doughy, soft and crispy.  Quite a feat to combine all elements into one pizza. The toppings; I opted for Pumpkin, Tallegio and Rocket. The housemate overwhelmed  requested half and half. Half Ham and caramelised onions and half roasted red peppers and goat’s cheese. Naturally I got food envy. What was I thinking limiting myself to one topping! A cardinal sin that will not be happening at any future weekly mid week pizza nights!

Now Breads Etcetera is a serious hot spot for Clapham Brunch goers. Now, thanks to their little sign, it will no doubt be the hot spot for Sourdough too. Only one regret…that I can see them from my kitchen window.