Start of Soup Season

AUTUMN.  For me the realisation that the seasons are changing means one thing. THE SNOW IS COMING! Countdown to the ski season can begin. Now I’m fully aware that unless you are a snow obsessed ex seasonaire like me then the seasonal changes are far from ideal, and definitely not something to get euphoric about!

HOWEVER ladies and gents, there is still hope. We can ALL still get excited about wooly jumpers, bobble hats and wait for it, my favourite autumn essential…the hearty soup!!!

Let me introduce you to my comforting Spinach and Mushroom soup. This soup had humble beginnings, originating from leftovers and odd bits of veg, it is now a solid autumn fav. Beyond easy to make and all in all will cost you about £3. £1 a serving..not bad. Now lets save the pennies for the slopes 😉



CHOP  – 1 onion finely CHOP

SPRINKLE – dried mixed herbs

CRUSH  – 2 cloves of  garlic

DICE – 300g of closed cup mushrooms

DICE – ¼ of a red chilli

CHOP – 1 tbsp of fresh parsley

POUR  – 1tbsp of fish sauce

POUR – 500ml of vegetable stock


Saute the onion in butter and garlic until soft

Add in the mushrooms, chilli, mixed herbs and fish sauce

Pour over the stock and let simmer for 20 minutes

Take of the heat and blend to a smooth consistency