Entree is on the Rise

J and I looking to cross of one more from our seemingly never ending Clapham restaurant bucket list picked this positively vintage 3 year old french bistro as our next tasting. Situated at the top end of Battersea Rise, Entree is as inconspicuous as it is reputable.

Entering in, we were ushered upstairs to our table of 3 on the top level of this split floor restaurant. Unfortunately not on the same floor as the weekly jazz pianist but nonetheless with perfect views of the kitchen and the masterful chefs creating the dishes of the evening.

photo (9)

Specials were read, wine was selected by G (a delightful Fleurie which came perfectly timed for our amuse bouche of Red Pepper and chick pea soup), and then the arduous task of the evening began. Selecting what on earth to eat from the sumptuous sounding selection. Being a ‘veggie’ mine was an easy choice. Either pea and broad bean risotto (hardly an original) or the Seared Seabass with cauliflower mash and pea reduction. Seabass it was, and I am proud to say that it took me about 10 seconds to decide. In the end J, G and I shared starters of seared mackerel with cucumber ketchup, scallop and crab lasagne with chive beurre blanc and finally for the meaties; wood pigeon with roasted sweet potato. Consensus was unanimous: Lasagne was exquisite, pigeon and mackeral were average at best for the reputation and price tag.

Mains. OH MY GOD. Now i cannot claim to have tried the slow cooked lamb neck with aubergine caviar, roasted onion, squash, chickpeas & lamb jus that both G and J ordered, but the Seabass. Oh my.. You know it is good when no one speaks. For an entire 10 minutes. J and G definitely had food envie, and that is saying something for a veggie.

Pudding was passed off in favour of the classic Expresso Martini.. I mean it was Saturday night after all. Masterfully created by a genuine cocktail maker, it was the perfect end to our Battersea adventure.

photo (7)

One of the best on Battersea Rise, however not THE best, and for the price tag you would expect it to be….