Brixton: The World in South East London

Brixton epitomises what I love about London. In the space of less than a square half mile you can pretty much find, taste, smell and buy a complete cross section of what London has to offer.


Start your morning by heading into the renowned Brixton market; an undercover alleyway filled with hedonistic cafes and vintage shops scattered in-between fishmongers, veg stalls and hardware mini shops. If you like to be bombarded by a variety of sights and smells then this is the venue of choice. Start with a compulsory trip to legendary award winning Federation Coffee. A rather swaarve entity that has grown into one of South London’s most famous caffeine pit stops. After fuelling up on the best latte in town you will be ready to hit the decadence that is the food market held every weekend!


Looking for West Indian spices, or root vegetables from Jamaica? Saucisson from Germany or Gambian coffee? I have no doubt in stating that whatever ingredient is in that recipe you are creating Brixton Market will hold it in abundance!!

One of the best Saturday afternoon activities in South London. Without question.