Spotlight on Bogota

Once a byword for danger, where drug induced crime and kidnappings were rife, today Bogota has shunned its bad reputation and is confidently placing itself at the frontier of emerging destinations. A controversial city which marries history with modernity, Bogota is fast becoming one of the most desirable cities in South America.

Jon Baines Tours will not just show you the tourist trappings of Colombia’s thriving capital. Instead our tour digs beneath the surface revealing the deeper destination. If you want to whole heartedly immerse yourself in the pulse of Latin America then our tour “Colombia: River of Gold” will not disappoint. On our tour you will re-live the historical narrative this city has written for itself. Walk through the ages from pre-Hispanic Colombia to a city teetering on the edge of modernity.

Throw yourself into the history of Bogota, starting at the world renowned Gold Museum which houses a dazzling array of Gold and Emeralds from Colombia’s pre-Hispanic cultures. Marvel at the creativity this once shunned city has produced, before journeying through the centuries to the historical hub of Bogota, La Candelaria. Overwhelm your senses as you stroll through the vibrant cobbled streets off La Candelaria’s many secret alleyways. Listen to street performers play traditional Mapale music whilst appreciating the stunningly preserved colonial architecture that surrounds you. Lounge in one of the areas many leafy plazas as you see, hear and taste the history that seeps out of this colonial city. After feasting on the array of cultural delights La Candelaria has to offer, venture by cable car up to the church of Santuario de Monserrate, a pilgrim destination perched atop a mountain peak, for panoramic views of the city below. It is on this mountain top that you will appreciate the turbulent history that Bogota has lived through. See perfectly maintained colonial buildings and statues sit amidst sleek high rise towers, graffiti lined streets and swanky cafes. No other place in the world marries old and new, past and present the way that Bogota does.

Not only is Bogota now becoming a sought after destination the world over, it is also fast becoming one of South Americas most pre-eminent dining centric cities. Jon Baines tours will take you on a unique food-centric walking tour through the Chapinero district, led by Colombian culinary expert Natalia Ramirez. Sample regional dishes, street foods and local drinks from the areas many markets, cafés and bakeries, whilst hearing how Colombia’s multicultural heritage has produced its distinctive and delicious cuisine.

At the end of your time in Bogota, not only will you find yourself well and truly versed in the history, cuisine and localities of this evolving capital city, you will also have experienced first-hand the ever changing nature of this city. From colonial stronghold to the title of world’s most dangerous city, Bogota is now a charming contemporary capital that knows no bounds. Why not visit now before it changes again?

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